Tooth whitening

Introducing the BEYOND™ Power Whitening System: Whiter teeth within 60 minutes, in-office power whitening treatment designed to provide comfort, safety, and convenience to the patient while producing maximum whitening results.

BEYOND™ Power Whitening System involves a use of BEYOND™ Whitening accelerator combined with a whitening gel. This advanced 'cold light' technology uses a filtration system that eliminates exposure to a harmful UV light and heat, thereby reducing sensitivity.

A whitening gel's special formula consists of hydrogen peroxide, calcium and other minerals, which prevents damage to your teeth. These special ingredients leave teeth beautifully white and shiny. The gel is very safe and stays on your teeth for around 30 minutes, the total procedure, including consultation and preparation takes around 90 minutes. The treatment is comfortable, safe and effective with average shade improvements greater than 5 shades on the VITA® scale. For more info visit

Wipe away years of smoking, coffee drinking or yellowing from ageing with the BEYOND™ Power Whitening System!

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