Root canal treatment/Endodontics

Root canal treatment is known also known as root filling or endodontics. Root canal treatment is needed when the nerve of the tooth becomes infected through decay or injury or the pulp becomes damaged. During a root canal procedure, the nerve and pulp is removed and the inside of the root chambers/canals are cleaned and sealed with a special dental material. After that a dentist will recommend a proper restoration of a damaged dental crown. Root canal treatment (RCT) allows for the badly damaged teeth to be restored thus preventing or delaying the teeth loss. Without root canal treatment the infected tooth would have to be removed. Root canal treatment is an attempt to save a badly damaged and/or infected tooth, however the patient has to be aware of the risks associated with the treatment i.e. risk of infection spreading beyond the tooth, which can result in having to have the root canal treated tooth removed permanently. A list of all the risks and complications associated with root canal therapy is available at the clinic’s reception.

At Wakefield Dental Care we use the latest local anaesthetics, root filling materials and root filling technology so that our patients can enjoy an absolutely painless and stress free treatments.
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