Orthodontic treatment

We offer a revolutionary self-ligating Damon bracket system by Ormco. These appliances allow us to achieve a nice, wide dental arch in less time than conventional braces, with fewer appointments, which are required every 8-10 weeks. Brackets have rounded edges and cause less discomfort for patients compared to conventional methods. Damon is a leader in the field of orthodontics.


The Insignia solution is combining the efficiency of digital smile design and the precision of patient-specific appliances. This is a custom made appliance which gives a unique approach to every patient’s treatment. It empowers us to achieve ideal finishes efficiently and consistently.
Insignia is the shortest distance between the start and the finish of a case with the use of a state of the art appliances available on the market.
Insignia braces are Damon braces made for each patient individually, this approach allow us to be more precise and and achieve more predictable beautiful finishes in shortest possible time.

In our office we offer orthodontic treatment by means of various types of removable orthodontic appliances. The type of the appliance depends on the type of malocclusion, age and dental health of the patient. This brace is required to be worn most of the time during the day as well as at night. It can be used as a sole therapy in children or as a stage of a more complex treatment plan. The duration of the treatment ranges from a few to several months.


In addition, we provide a variety of fixed appliances in the form of brackets or glued to the surface of teeth. This type of treatment is available for both children and adults. The treatment takes an average of 2 to 3 years; appointments are required every 4-5 weeks for a period of treatment.

* Comprehensive metal braces

* Aesthetic tooth coloured braces (ceramic, sapphire).

Finally, the systems of teeth straightening aligners: Invisalign. Clear trays are changed every two weeks and these gradually move the teeth. These are ideal for those who do not want glued brackets and wires and who will appreciate the high overall comfort of the treatment

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